Tidal River Mouth, Victoria, Australia.

Genesis Heat Set Artist Paint.

I went down to Wilson Prom last week and loved the feel to the place, I decided to paint a scene or two, this time using Genesis Heat Set Artist Paint

Tidal River – Wilson Prom in Victoria, Australia (Genesis heat set artist paint) Basic  Tutorial



Slapped a rough line with a paint brush to position the background.


This aids me in the placement of the major background mountains, and can easily be moved if I'm not happy with them.


I have left the mountain regions wet.



Close up showing the detail in the mountain rock outcrop, thats located on the right hand side of this painting.



I’ve nearly finished the background area, and I have dried selected parts of it, with the heat gun.

The lower portion of the painting is still wet, and will not be dried at this stage.

This will allow me to blend or move things around a bit.



I have now completely finished the background sand dunes, and have dried all areas with the heat gun.



I have now started sorting out the foreshore area, again I selectively select areas that I'm happy with and proceed to dry them with the heat gun, and leaving other parts wet, so i can blend the colours more thoroughly at a later date.



I wasn't happy with my placement of the rocks in the middle part of this painting, so I moved them more to the right hand side.

Then I proceeded to sort out where, I'm going to place the waterline.

The lower section of the painting has been left wet, while I play around with placement of the foreground rocks, and sand.



I added the bulk of the water and started to paint some of the wave formations and foam patterns.

Also I started on  the receding water areas, along the shoreline.

The lower section of this painting is still wet, so I can blend any area that is not to my liking.



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