Sumatran Tiger a bit further along

Added the next several layers of paint to the water and Tiger.
Still to define more detail. Eyes whiskers etc.

After two days of drying time, I added several more layers of paint,
After two days of drying time, I added several more layers of paint,


5 thoughts on “Sumatran Tiger a bit further along

  1. Garry Reply

    Hi Tykat
    Thank you for your interest in my paintings.

    The painting technique I use is called Grisaille.

    You start with the tonal value of the scene you wish to paint in shades of grey. Then add colour in the form of thin colour glazes to build the painting to its completed state.


  2. Garry Reply


    If you look at the May 2006 on my blog, you will see a lion painting I completed using the same technique


  3. Tykat Reply


    i saw the 3 posts of your painting with the tiger and i just had a question

    i’ve painted before, but i’ve never painted a picture black and white and then slowly add colour into it

    so i was wondering if you meant for your painting to be black and white, but then later on you decided to add colour or if you’re using a different technique/approach to this painting

    basically, how come you did the whole paining in black and white first?


  4. Garry Reply

    Thanks Lauren for your compliment. I might get arround to finishing the Tiger one day soon. I start too many paintings at once, and leave a few haning around to finish. Have 9 on the go at the moment.

  5. Lauren Reply

    I really like this painting, I love how you have built it up using the grisaille, beautiful.

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