Draught Horse from Churchill Island.

Genesis Heat Set Artist Paint.

I generally do a rough sketch before I start painting.

The sketches never have a lot of detail to them, only a positioning of the main features and general placement of the objects.

Title: Draught Horse from Churchill Island

Medium: Genesis Heat Set Artist paint

Size: 45.7cmx91.4cm (18"x36")



Here I have thrown together a rough green background.

This will help me get a better feel of where I'm heading with this painting.

Then I thoroughly dried the paint using the Heat gun.



Painted a basic eye, now I can start to see where I'm heading.

Again thoroughly dried the eye using th heat gun.


Added the highlight to the eye, I then dried this area before continuing with the painting.

Then I started to add apply the main undercoat colour to the draft horse.

I will leave most of this area wet for the moment.



At this stage, I'm starting to work out where the main muscles will appear under the skin, and have started to position them.

I also have dried a few selected areas of this painting, but left most of it wet, so further blending can be done if needed.



I wasn't happy with the green background.

So I painted over it, with a mix of Ultramarine blue and Titanium white, plus a touch of a crimson colour that I mixed, this will give a softer feel to the painting, and add a bit of depth, that was badly lacking earlier in the painting.

The whole painting has been dried at this stage with the heat gun.



I now have the Draught Horse starting to look like a Horse.

The mane and forelock have been positioned, ears in place, the long hair under the head is also in place.

I also added a background fence, and intensified the grass colour, this will break up the dead area in the painting, and shift the focus back to the horses head, rather than wander off into the distance.




I added a few fine lines in different colours to represent the hair and did a general tidy up.

Ok I have now finished this painting.

I hoped you enjoyed this process, and you have a better understanding as to how I paint.


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