Australian Admiral Butterfly Painting for sale $350Au

Australian Admiral Butterfly Painting for sale $350Au


This butterfly painting was based on a flower I found on one of my walks, the flower had many different butterflies stopping for a feed.

The Melbourne Botanical Gardens are in incredible source of never ending inspiration, I added the Yellow Australian Admiral butterfly to make this a more interesting painting. It’s painted in the Traditional Old Masters style of Grisaille, with transparent colour washes to give it added depth and transparency in the colours that appear on the canvas.

I believe that this traditional style of painting I use, brings out the Intense colours in this yellow flower beautifully.

The Old Masters style of Grisaille of a toned under-painting followed by applying many layers of Transparent Colour, finally gives a glow to the finished painting, that modern techniques cannot recreate.


Australian Artist Garry Purcell

Australian Admiral Butterfly Painting

Dimensions: 30.5cm x40.5cm x4cm (12″ x 16″ x1.5″)
Support Used: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas (Staples are on the back of the frame.)
Medium Used: Artist Grade Oil Paint

$350.00Au + Free Registered Shipping Australia Only

Australian Admiral butterfly on Blue Flower Original Oil Painting
Australian Admiral butterfly on Blue Flower Original Oil Painting


As an Australian Artist, I believe that trying to capture a small snapshot of what our natural surroundings look like is important for future generations to look back in time at. This Australian Admiral Butterfly on Blue Flower is one of my best paintings so far, I love the colour and composition of this painting.

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